Tokeda Criticism

Blockchain and Network Utilization

Specification Fantasy

“Specification Fantasy” Examples


Issuer Best Practices — Key Rotation

Issuer Best Practices — “Cold” key storage


What if…

  1. Alice needs change (in tokens)?
  2. Alice sends a token-decorated UTXO to someone who is not Trent?
  3. Alice wants to combine UTXOs?
  4. Alice’s request to send to Bob is denied by Trent?
  5. Trent makes a mistake?
  6. Validators spot a mistake? Is there a protocol to communicate that?
  7. Validators lie about a mistake? (Are fraud proofs possible)

How is…

  1. Bob identified in the Tokeda metadata?
  2. Trent choosing the output script when sending to Bob?
  3. The “inner payload” defined for anything but the initial token creation?
  4. Trent going to communicate transfer problems to Alice (and Bob)?
  5. Alice going to get the BCH in a Tokeda UTXO back?





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